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Why Is Warner Bros. Discovery Praising Ezra Miller?

Ezra Miller is quickly becoming one of the most hated celebrities due to his numerous…


It feels odd, then, when the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery himself praises the star’s upcoming project.

What Made The CEO Praise Miller


CEO David Zaslav had quite many good things to say about the studio’s upcoming film The Flash.

"We have seen The Flash, Black Adam, and Shazam 2. We are very excited about them. We think they are terrific,"

- David Zaslav

In the light of Batgirl’s cancellation, fans had expected the same for The Flash due to Miller’s scandals.

However, Zaslav’s positive review of the movie hinted at the film’s certain release.

The Flash, starring Ezra Miller, is slated to hit theaters next summer on June 23, 2023.