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JLo's First Husband Predicts Ben-Jen Break-Up

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s recent wedding has stirred quite a few negative opinions, one of them being…

Ojani Noa

As JLo’s first husband, Noa has some bitter words to share about the newlyweds’ future.

What did Ojani Noa Have to Say Ben-JLO


Noa, Married to JLo for not even a complete year back in 1997, he wishes the two the best but believes that ...

"Jen loves being in love but she’s been engaged six times… I was husband number one and she told me I was the love of her life"

Jennifer has openly talked about the harsh public scrutiny her relationship with Ben received.

While JLo may have been a ‘serial bride,’ her rekindled relationship might just last.