Serenata Mariachi is looking for Success Stories in Mariachi Education

by Maestro on December 26, 2010

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Mariachi Cielo Nuevo from Middleton Street Elementary School in Huntington Park, California.

In Serenata Mariachi we are always trying to find a way to recognize and celebrate the hard work so many people do for the continuation and promotion of our beloved mariachi tradition.

We have been portraying mariachi groups from all over the world, and we will continue learning in the blog about those ‘foot soldiers of the mariachi’, who with their voices and instruments allow us to fall in love again, to express feelings when only words are not enough, or to say good bye to those whose time has come to be with the Creator.

Help Serenata Mariachi celebrate teachers and students who participate in Mariachi Education programs for our youth and keep the Mariachi tradition alive.

Youth Mariachi Cielo Nuevo

Violinists from the Mariachi Cielo Nuevo from Middleton Street Elementary School in Huntington Park, California.

Our next initiative in Serenata Mariachi, is to portray Mariachi Education programs in schools, churches, or other organizations; we want to recognize the work that some wonderful teachers and musicians are doing in helping our youth to stay away from trouble by showing them the wonders of the mariachi music, giving them lessons on hard work, perseverance, respect for the traditions, and a way to express themselves with the mariachi.

If you know of a program, a teacher, a group of students who deserve our recognition for their work with mariachi educational programs, send us their information. We will share their story in this blog for the world of the mariachi to know and recognize their work. They deserve it, and we owe it to them to celebrate their work for our youth and for the mariachi tradition.

We want to hear from you!

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Hector - Mariachis a Domicilio October 30, 2011 at 2:15 pm

I am Hector and I have a musical group of Mariachis in Chile, thanks a lor for share information about mariachis witj us.



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