Serenata Mariachi by Mariachi Vallarta

by Maestro on October 27, 2009

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Serenata Mariachi by Mariachi Vallarta

Finally, a month after my wedding, after the honey moon, and after coming back and catching up with work, I can tell the story of the Serenata Mariachi I gave my fiance the before our wedding.  That is actually what inspired the creation of this blog and this site, so it was an event with many positive outcomes, the most important of which, was giving my fiancee, now my wife, the best surprise ever during our ‘gift giving’ dinner.

In our tradition, before the wedding we have a dinner where family and close friends can bring their gifts in person for the bride and groom.   That event is very special, (it is similar to the rehearsal dinner, but not exactly the same), and my wife had a lot of expectations about the dinner, the gifts, etc.  and, of course, she wanted a Serenata.

I started looking for Mariachis in my area but I could not find one (hence the creation of the Serenata Mariachi directory).  I had been looking for days over the Internet, yellow pages, etc.  Since I could not find a Mariachi, as an alternative I hired a latin group to sing some boleros and other traditional romantic music.  I knew she would love it anyway.

The day of the dinner, someone gave me a card of a Mariachi band:  the Mariachi Vallarta of  Atlanta.  At that time I already had hired a latin serenata and I asked them to be in our house by 9 pm.  It was to late to cancel.

Well, since my wife was expecting a Serenata, may be the latin band was not going to be such a surprise, so I decided to also hire the Mariachi Vallarta to come at midnight.  At the time, I could only hire half of the group, but they assured me that it was going to be unforgettable regardless.  And it was!

Violinist from Mariachi Vallarta

Violinist from Mariachi Vallarta

That night, the latin band did a great job, and we had a great time.  However, the best part was to come when at midnight, while everybody was distracted in their own conversations, I came through the door with the sound of  “Motivo” and three wonderful musicians from Mariachi Vallarta.
Everybody was taken by surprise, and best of all, my fiancé was so excited and happy about this Serenata Mariachi that it made that night for her (and for everybody else) unforgettable.

I really recommend Mariachi Vallarta if you are in the Atlanta metro area.  They will make your Serenata Mariachi a memorable moment.

Share your Serenata stories

If you have some memorable moments and want to share your story with a Serenata Mariachi, just drop us a note, and we will post it here.

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Mimi November 12, 2015 at 7:23 am

Ahora son asi? Yo pensaba que era el inrseetado el que cantaba y solo pagaba el acompaf1amiento. Bueno aun asi es una costumbre muy mexicana y muy bonita!! Aqued las costumbres mexicanas son frecuentes, los mariachis se estilan para celebraciones importantes (no entiendo porque, pero es asi)


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