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by Maestro on February 10, 2010

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Name: Mariachi Luna Y Sol
Year of foundation: 2005
Musical Director: Marcos E. Mora
Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Interview with Mariachi Luna Y Sol

Where does the name of the Group come from?
From the influence of the Sun and the Moon.

What instruments are played in the mariachi?
Guitar, Vihuela, and Guitarron.

Do you compose your own music?

What is your inspiration to interpret or compose your music?
The importance of originality and expression.

What is your advise for young musicians who want to play or sing in a Mariachi?
To practice and be dedicated to their art form. Discipline.

What is your most memorable anecdote as a Group?
Playing at Omaha’s Qwest center for 10,000 people and playing for president Vicente Fox in Omaha, NE.

What would you want to share with your fans and potential customers about your mariachi?We are a full ensemble with some great young voices.

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