Interview with Mariachi Monumental de Mexico

by Maestro on December 23, 2010

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Mariachi Monumental de Mexico de Jose Ozuna

Group Name: Mariachi Monumental de Mexico
Year of foundation: 2009
Director’s name: Jose Ozuna
Musical director’s name: Jose Ozuna, Jose Martinez
City: Chicago
State: Illinois
Country: United States

Serenata Mariachi (SM): Jose Ozuna, director of Mariachi Monumental de Mexico, thank you very much for joining us in The Mariachi’s Hat Blog of Serenata Mariachi. Tell us about your mariachi:

Mariachi Monumental de Mexico from Chicago, IL.

Jose Ozuna (JO): Mariachi Monumental De Mexico was founded by me, Jose Ozuna, along with the collaboration of friends and fellow musicians with the goal of establishing a more professional view of Mariachi music in Chicago, IL. I was born in Tucson, AZ in 1981 and moved to Chicago, IL in 2006. In 2009 I parted ways with a local established group in hopes of one day turning things around for Mariachi music. During my days in Tucson, I was a Student of Richard Carranza at Pueblo High School in Mariachi Aztlan; considered by many the top High School Performing Mariachi in the country. I was also a student of Javier Trujillo; former member of Mariachi Cobre. I plan to continue the fight in changing the way people view Mariachi Music in Chicago, and hope to establish a professional scene in the mid-west for Mariachi music for years to come.

(SM):Where does the name of the group come from?

(JO): Monumental has a meaning of collaboration. Every member of the group is from a different place, therefore we get the essence of all people combined becoming one in the Mariachi.

Mariachi Monumental de Mexico, live performance.

Mariachi Monumental de Mexico Chicago IL

(SM):How many musicians there are in your group?

(JO): We are 8 musicians.

(SM):What instruments are featured in your group?

(JO): Guitarron, Vihuela, Guitarra de Golpe, Harp, Violin, and Trumpet

(SM):Does your group perform original compositions by its own members?

(JO): Yes, we do.

(SM):Does your group make its own arrangements?

(JO): We do our own arrangements as well.

(SM):What is your major musical inspiration?

(JO): Mariachi Cobre! Outside of being outstanding musicians and performers, members of Mariachi Cobre are highly educated and take the effort to educate people in our culture’s music.

Trumpets from Mariachi Monumental de Mexico

Trumpets from Mariachi Monumental de Mexico

(SM):Do you have any advice for young musicians who want to perform mariachi music?

(JO): Always have an open mind when it comes to music, not just Mariachi Music. Mariachi music has changed so much and performer’s of Mariachi music keep getting better and better as the generations go by. The goal is to not only be a good Mariachi, but to be a good Musician! That in itself creates a better future for Mariachi Music as we compete to get the respect we desire!

(SM):What is your most memorable anecdote regarding the group?

(JO): Rehearsal. The struggles you go through in practice is what really makes a good team.

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