Interview with Mariachi Herencia Mexicana from San Antonio

Mariachi Herencia Mexicana

by Maestro on September 26, 2010

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Group Name: Mariachi Herencia Mexicana
Year of foundation: 2008
Director’s name: Sergio Farias and Mathew Martinez
Musical director’s name: Mathew Martinez
City: San Antonio
State: Texas
Country: United States

Serenata Mariachi (SM): Sergio Farias, director of the Mariachi Herencia Mexicana, thanks for joining us in Serenata Mariachi, the Online Mariachi Directory and in this, our blog, The Mariachi’s Hat. Tell us how your group was formed.

Sergio Farias (SF): Well, I took over a group that I was a member of. The director was leaving and I decided to step up and take the chance of running the group. I can tell you that it wasn’t as easy as I thought; We went through some changes, different collaborations with other groups and directors and finally I met Mathew Martinez in March 2009. The chemistry was just there and we both had the same goal in mind. To offer great service for a reasonable price to clients of all sorts of venue and have a 10 piece Mariachi to tour. We have been going strong since then and have a consistent membership of 8 members with the rest coming and going. We play every Friday Night at Mamacitas restaurant in San Antonio from 7pm to 10pm. Come and hear us.

(SM):Where does the name of the group come from?

(SF): From searching and realizing that we are the heritage of Mexican music.

(SM):How many musicians there are in your group?

(SF): We are 10 members

(SM):What instruments are featured in your group?

(SF): 5 Violins, 2 Rythm, 2 Trumpets, 1 Harp

Mariachi Herencia Mexicana - Armonia Section

Armonia Section

(SM):Does your group perform original compositions by its own members?

(SF): Yes

(SM):Does your group make its own arrangements?

(SF): Yes

(SM):What is your major musical inspiration?

(SF): It is between Mariachi Vargas and Sol De Mexico because both are two different styles which we feel need to be captured in a mariachi group. For example, Mariachi Vargas is very traditional but Sol de Mexico is very modern, they mix in Musicality used in orchestras which I think all musicians should.

(SM):Do you have any advice for young musicians who want to perform mariachi music?

(SF): Don’t listen to those who ‘talk’ about music. And don’t forget about the Mexican culture.

Mariachi Herencia Mexicana - Trumpet Section

Trumpet Section

(SM):What is your most memorable anecdote regarding the group?


(SM):Is there anything else about your mariachi that you would like to share with fans and potential customers?

(SF): We are an up-beat mariachi we perform different music such as The Chair, My Girl, Can’t Take My Eyes off of You etc…

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