Interview with Mariachi Citlalli

by Maestro on February 13, 2011

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Mariachi Citlalli

Group Name: Mariachi Citlalli
Year of foundation: 2000
Director’s name: Jerry and Francisco Navarrete
Musical director’s name: Francisco Navarrete
City: Yonkers
State: New York
Country: United States

Serenata Mariachi (SM): Jerry, Francisco, welcome to Serenata Mariachi, and thank you for sharing the story of your Mariachi Citlalli. Can you start telling us briefly about your group?

Mariachi Citlalli performing at a wedding

Mariachi Citlalli performing at a wedding

Jerry and Francisco Navarrete (JN): Mariachi Citlalli was formed in the city of Yonkers, in New York when their founders got together because they wanted to create a group that was different, focused on quality, original and one that would make a contribution to the mexican culture in New York. Our main mission in Mariachi Citlalli is to provide high quality, spread happiness and satisfaction not only to the Hispanic community but to the international community as well. Their foundres, Francisco and Jerry decided to invite two more musicians and planned to give a turn to the mariachi style, not only musically, but from a humanitarian and coorporate stand point.

(SM):Where does the name of the group come from?

(JN): El nombre “Citlalli” proviene del dialecto Nahuatl y significa “Estrella.”

(SM):How many musicians there are in your group?

(JN): El grupo consta de cuatro integrantes, Francisco, Jerry, Erick, y Cecilio. Provenientes del Estado de Mexico, Distrito Federal y Puebla respectivamente.

(SM):What instruments are featured in your group?

(JN): Los instrumentos son la trompeta, la vihuela, el teclado y el guitarrón.

(SM):Does your group perform original compositions by its own members?

(JN): Sí, cantamos algunas de los 4 CDs que hemos grabado.

(SM):Does your group perform original compositions by its own members?

(JN): Yes, we do.

(SM):What is your major musical inspiration?

(JN): We want to tell them that music is the best to cultivate the human being. That they should practice a lot every day and they should put their heart into the music.

(SM):Do you have any advice for young musicians who want to perform mariachi music?

(JN): When we accompanied famous artists in the Madison Square Garden.

(SM):What is your most memorable anecdote regarding the group?

(JN): Our clients are the best for us and without them we could not even exist.

(SM):Is there anything else about your mariachi that you would like to share with fans and potential customers?

(JN): Our clients are the best for us and without them we could not even exist.

You can find out more about Mariachi Citlalli here:

Phone: (914) 966-2096

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