Interview with Caro Mayorga – A Mexican ‘Charra’

by Maestro on June 20, 2010

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We continue our series of interviews with a Mexican ‘charra’, a soloist with great love for the mariachi music and a great talent: Caro Mayorga. proudly presents an interview with a great artist.

Caro Mayorga’s Profile

Musical beginnings: February  2002
Location: Zapopán, Jalisco.

Serenata Mariachi (SM): Caro Mayorga, welcome to  It is a pleasure to have someone from the land of the mariachi, here in Serenata Mariachi. ¿Can you tell us about yourself?

Caro Mayorga (CM): I am Caro Mayorga, I am a soloist singer of mariachi music. I was born in Guadalajara, although I currently reside in Zapopan, Jalisco. I love my country and its traditions. I love its music, its folklore, the food and its people. I was born on a 10th of May, I am Taurus.  I am the fourth of a family of eight, my father passed away while I was still a young girl and my mother, thanks God, is still with me. I married Octavio Torres and we have 4 children. I spent 100% of my time with them during several years and now I combine my love for the music with my family, both are my two great loves…

SM: ¿Do you make your own compositions?

CM: Right now I sing covers. Even though, I don’t discard in the future the idea of sining some of my songs that I have set aside.

SM: What is your main musical inspiration?

CM: It might sound cheesy, but my main inspiration is God, because of him I have and I am everything I am.  Besides that, life gives you the sensibility from your daily life.

SM: ¿Do you have any advise for the young who would like to sing the mariachi music?

CM: More than advise, I would like to give them my congratulations. Because the young, not to say that even being mexican, prefer other genres and the mariachi takes  a less degree of importance. I rejoice when I see the young listening to and interpreting the mariachi music. For me it is an honor that many of those, that are not mexican, really love and enjoy our m usic. I would tell them to continue working for it, that they should not give up on their dreams, that more than a job, they should see it as something they really love and like. Everything else comes from it.

SM: What is your most memorable anecdote ?

CM: When years ago they invited my to a cultural event in Zapopan. They had invited a modern dance group, hawaian dancers, a folkloric dance ensemble, comedians, and other singers, but I was not announced! And even when no one was expecting me and the majority of the concert goers didn’t know me, I still decided to go ahead and sing, that’s why I was there in the first place.   The first song I sang was “Alma de acero”, they listened to it with some skepticism, but people started to get excited with every song. At the end I won the public, they celebrated me and sang every song. Receiving the recognition from the public filled me with a wonderful feeling and I understood that it is truth when they say that  “the best reward for an artist is the applause ”  It is wonderful!

SM: What else would you like to share with your fans?

CM: That I love mexican music, that I sing with my whole heart, and that I love to transmit my feelings, because the art of music is knowing how to project and make people feel those emotions vividly.

SM: Many thanks, Caro. We wish you success and we hope to hear from you again very soon in

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