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by Maestro on March 31, 2010

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The Mariachi can be an inspiration to any form of art, not only music, as we see in the work of the recognized Spanish illustrator and friend of Serenata Mariachi, Javi Muñoz.

Javi has produced some illustrations that he has shared with Serenata Mariachi and all of our readers and followers.

Here is what he has to say about the illustration titled A Mariachi’s Tune:

“The design is based upon Quino’s comic strips and the animated objects in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (more specific: Chip’s dog turned into a stool). My purpose was to make a fun allusion to cultural topics, turned into touristic attractions. This time with a mexican symbol, the very famous Mariachi performer.”

A Mariachi's Tune By Javi-Muñoz

A Mariachi's Tune, by illustrator Javi Muñoz

Javi will continue working with Serenata Mariachi in producing some other illustrations around the world of the mariachi.

You can get this design in a shirt at threadless.com.

Or if you want to promote your mariachi, get this shirt with the name of your mariachi on it and give it away to your fans. Give them A Mariachi’s Tune.

You can reach Javi Munoz in Facebook, or read his blog El Canódromo

Let us know what you think of this design and what ideas you would like to give Javi to inspire him to create more illustrations around the mariachi culture.

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